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What’s life like in a Tiny House? Want a place to stay while you learn more about Tiny living from real-life Tiny House dwellers?

Come and stay with us at DIY Tiny! We’ve got two AirBnB rooms for you to stay in! Choose from either a single room in the Big House, or spend your time inside an actual Tiny House! Get a taste of Tiny Living and discover what’s in the journey for you.


DIY Tiny is FULL!

We excited to have all six parking spots at DIY Tiny FULL with delightful people and Tiny Houses. But what about the rest of you who are eager to join the Tiny House movement? We’re further excited to announce that we want to GROW!

We envision building a new place with 12-20 parking spots. But we can’t build this alone. We’re looking for Tiny House dwellers and investors to partner with us in this new venture.

Are you interested? Click for more information about how you can grow your future with DIY Tiny.

Welcome to DIY Tiny!

There’s no place like home…

Situated in the lovely mountains around Asheville, North Carolina, there is a place designed with small living in mind. A place where tiny-house dwellers and builders can have a home.

DIY Tiny is about providing a place for Tiny House dwellers to live, and opening up options for those looking to build their future. Read our blog and discover the joys of Tiny living and building, be our neighbor from one of our Parking Spaces, or come and build your future. We’ve got a place for you.

ALL of DIY Tiny’s parking spots are FULL! We still however, welcome visitors, as well as anyone looking for help with their solar power or building. Our next availability for our parking spots will come Fall of 2017.

We’re also growing! We’re now seeking investors to help us EXPAND DIY Tiny! For more information, see below.

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DIY Tiny Blog

Get the Know-how to Complete YOUR Tiny House!

Solar Consultation

Solar is a perfect, mobile, Tiny House power solution. But most folks don’t know where to begin to answer questions like, “How much wattage do you use?” “How many solar panels do you need?” or “What kind of batteries do you need?” With so many questions, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Skip the confusion, and get some answers about solar solutions for Tiny Houses with my consultation today.

Building Mentorship

Building any Tiny House is a process. And you’ll have questions along the way. It’s impossible to answer all your questions at the beginning of your build–and before you know them! So why not have somebody available as you go along?

Get three months of weekly 1-hour conversations with me. We’ll discuss the questions you must answer as you build and help you discover the best project management workflow to help you ensure a speedy build!

More Options at DIY Tiny!


The world of Tiny Houses is exploding, and we need more people who understand the basics of Tiny House construction, community, and ethos. We are excited to offer you the opportunity to intern with us at DIY Tiny. Come get your hands dirty and build the world of the future!

Internships at DIY Tiny give you hands on learning while helping other build their homes. You’ll have time to learn, to think, to plan and dream!