There’s no place like home…

Situated in the lovely mountains around Asheville, North Carolina, there is a place designed with small living in mind. A place where tiny-house dwellers and builders can have a home.

DIY Tiny is about providing a place for Tiny House dwellers to live, and opening up options for those looking to build their future. Read our blog and discover the joys of Tiny living and building, be our neighbor from one of our Parking Spaces, or come and build your future. We’ve got a place for you.

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DIY Tiny Blog

Bring or Build

Bring: Parking Spots

We like neighbors at DIY Tiny! Come park your tiny house in one of our parking spaces. Our convenient location puts you within minutes of Asheville’s art district, hiking in Blue Ridge Mountains, and the beauty of North Carolina.

Each parking spot is a level-graded section of crushed asphalt. At 10×20, this space accommodates most Tiny House builds. Power and water are available. Call 704-650-0130 for more details.

Build: DIY Build Space

Let’s face it. Not everybody is graced with a second driveway to build their future Tiny House in. We can help. Rent a build space and begin building, rent tools from us to help you build, and even rent a room on-site so you can stay close to your future home. We even have access to build help and expertise. What are you waiting for? Call us and begin building your future.

Parking Options

Rather than trying to find a place to park your Tiny House, why not bring it to DIY Tiny? We have everything you need to settle in and enjoy life in Asheville, NC. We’ve got power hook ups and water options.

Interested in becoming our neighbor at DIY Tiny? We’re always looking to add to our community!

While we love long-term neighbors, we also have convenient seasonal parking options:


Come for LEAF and enjoy the festival from the comfort of your own home. Bring either your Tiny House and stay with us, or work on your build.

  • House: $400/mo
  • Builder: $250/mo


You’ve got your own house, so why live in the cold? Come stay with us for the Winter Season. Or enjoy the mild weather as your work on your build.

  • House: $300/mo
  • Builder: $250/mo


Enjoy the Summer Season in the cool mountains of North Carolina. Stay with us, or put the finishing touches on your build.

  • House: $350
  • Builder: $250/mo

More Options While You Build

Room Rentals

So you want to work on your Tiny House…but where do you live while you work on your Tiny House? Don’t stay far away from your build. We have a home while you build a home ready for you. Rent a room from us while you work.

Room rentals start at $500/mo and include utilities. Call us today and let us know your needs!

Tool Rentals

Want to build but have no tools? No problem. We have tools available to rent as you complete your build. After all, you’re building a Tiny House. Will you really need that table saw when you get done?

Tool rentals start at $100/mo. Call us today and let us know your needs!